Looking for tips for supporting investigators, site staff or study participants, particularly during this challenging time? We can help.


A case for communicating uncertainty

We all want clear messaging on preventing the spread of COVID-19, whether it relates to vaccines, face masks, social distancing or any other guidance. That reflects our mantra within the healthcare communications industry: provide clear, concise and consistent messages that audiences understand. But science, by its nature, is associated with a level of uncertainty. And […]


Employee wellness tips for healthcare workers

The spread of COVID-19 has affected every industry, every facet of life. But its impact on healthcare providers is significantly higher than most and continues to create a ripple effect of significant burdens. Not only are healthcare workers experiencing grave challenges at work, but their concerns and worries extend home to their family members. Heathcare […]


Bridging gaps and building bridges to navigate healthcare avoidance

The current paradigm to strive to diagnose and treat diseases early and effectively remains unquestionable. However, COVID-19 has challenged this central dogma and left us with an unparalleled growing global healthcare crisis. Reports are clear that the pandemic is creating numerous ripple effects for patients who are facing delays to both the diagnosis and treatment […]


Interactive checklist for the restarting/starting of research

Many non-COVID-19 studies have been paused or delayed starting due to the global pandemic. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has provided a Restart Framework that describes how NIHR research activities can resume. To help you navigate the necessary steps to be taken before NIHR clinical trials can restart, we have created an interactive checklist that will guide you through this process. The Restart Framework will continue to evolve in the context of learned experience and this tool will be updated to align with any changes to the NIHR’s guidance. For further details, please see the complete NIHR Restart Framework.

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Ensuring an open channel with regulatory and medical policy opinion leaders during COVID-19

Many companies, particularly new entrants into the U.S. pharma arena, are facing some level of disruption or impact on their projected timelines for seeking FDA licensure, gathering data from trials for filing, conducting health economics analyses needed to demonstrate improved outcomes, or conducting real-world evidence studies that can help inform medical societies’ deliberations on clinical […]


2020 and the luxury of limitations for clinical trials

COVID-19 has had a fundamental effect on every aspect of society, including clinical trials. The search for an effective vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 continues to move at record pace. However, many clinical trials in other therapeutic areas have either been delayed or essentially ground to a halt due to the pandemic. Such delays place […]


Assessing and managing issues around clinical trials: a multi-stakeholder approach

Many companies are facing challenging decisions on whether to proceed with clinical trials in the coming months as countries experience varying degrees of lockdown.


Virtual training that excites

This virtual meeting and training infographic provides useful tips on how to make the most of virtual meetings by bridging the gap between a face-to-face experience and a virtual environment.

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Supporting study participants

We have developed a checklist of reminders for the site staff who are at the frontlines interacting with participants, patients and caregivers. This checklist offers practical reminders to enhance their day-to-day interactions with study participants.

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Unlocking virtual medical congresses

Medical congresses – crucial for the presentation of trial data, scientific exchange and the opportunity to engage with medical professionals, patient advocates, media and analysts – have been cancelled, postponed or are moving to virtual/part virtual.


No two virtual congresses are the same

Each congress has a different structure to its overall program and method in delivering its scientific information, despite stating that they all plan to keep to the traditional congress format.

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