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Thinking about the role real-world evidence can play in this new era? We have some ideas.


We finally have a vaccine, but will this bring about a return to normality?

With unprecedented speed, the UK has become the first country to approve emergency use authorization for a COVID-19 vaccine that has been tested in a large-scale clinical trial.1 While this is a welcome milestone, it is important to remember that, as the vaccine is rolled out to millions of people, scientists and the public still […]


Ensuring an open channel with regulatory and medical policy opinion leaders during COVID-19

Many companies, particularly new entrants into the U.S. pharma arena, are facing some level of disruption or impact on their projected timelines for seeking FDA licensure, gathering data from trials for filing, conducting health economics analyses needed to demonstrate improved outcomes, or conducting real-world evidence studies that can help inform medical societies’ deliberations on clinical […]


Assessing and managing issues around clinical trials: a multi-stakeholder approach

Many companies are facing challenging decisions on whether to proceed with clinical trials in the coming months as countries experience varying degrees of lockdown.


COVID-19 brings real-world evidence center stage

Now, as we adjust to the era of COVID-19, RWE, and thus real-world research (RWR), has been pushed center stage, and industry, and the medical community as a whole, are turning to this research area for answers.


The role of real-world evidence in the covid-19 era

Real-world evidence (RWE) can be used across development cycle to highlight unmet need, define priority patient segments, competitively position a product before launch, understand real-world treament patterns and outcomes, and to build an evidence base when clinical trial programs are delayed.

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Unlocking virtual medical congresses

Medical congresses – crucial for the presentation of trial data, scientific exchange and the opportunity to engage with medical professionals, patient advocates, media and analysts – have been cancelled, postponed or are moving to virtual/part virtual.


No two virtual congresses are the same

Each congress has a different structure to its overall program and method in delivering its scientific information, despite stating that they all plan to keep to the traditional congress format.

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