Wondering what is the best approach for your congress and publication strategies as data opportunities continue to evolve? Our insights might help.


A case for communicating uncertainty

We all want clear messaging on preventing the spread of COVID-19, whether it relates to vaccines, face masks, social distancing or any other guidance. That reflects our mantra within the healthcare communications industry: provide clear, concise and consistent messages that audiences understand. But science, by its nature, is associated with a level of uncertainty. And […]


Effective congress planning for publications teams

The availability of data, experts for authoring abstracts, posters and oral presentations, and congress activities themselves have all been affected by the pandemic.


Publications planning post-pandemic

Clearly the delay/postponement/cancellation of clinical trials owing to the COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on the availability of data to communicate, but this is not the only way in which the pandemic is reshaping the publications landscape.


Unlocking virtual medical congresses

Medical congresses – crucial for the presentation of trial data, scientific exchange and the opportunity to engage with medical professionals, patient advocates, media and analysts – have been cancelled, postponed or are moving to virtual/part virtual.


No two virtual congresses are the same

Each congress has a different structure to its overall program and method in delivering its scientific information, despite stating that they all plan to keep to the traditional congress format.

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